• The Stone Fabricator's Alliance (SFA) is comprised of fabrication and restoration professionals from around the world.

  • Our objective is to provide the resources necessary to enable our members to prosper by improving their quality of fabrication and restoration methods and practices.

  • We do this by sharing information, skills, and techniques all for the good of the hard-working professionals that make up this fantastic industry.

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  • The Stone Fabricator's Alliance is the world's largest group of stone industry professionals supporting each other with a free exchange of ideas and experiences gained through each others various experiences and then shared on our online forum and through our Facebook page.

  • Our objective is to enable our members to become more efficient and more profitable by improving their quality of fabrication methods while improving their business practices.

  • The online forums are vibrant with fellow fabricators and restoration professionals seeking answers to questions that many of us have faced over the years, giving us the opportunity to aid them in their quest for knowledge, turning them into a trusted ally that we can then in turn rely on when we have a question in the future.

  • Ultimately, it is the primary goal of the SFA to create a safer and more profitable industry for its members all while making strong business alliances and friendships along the way.

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Joining the Stone Fabricators Alliance also entitles you to receive discounts at SFA sponsors throughout the industry as well as being able to meet these sponsors face to face at our workshops and the industry conventions where you can pose questions directly to them, gain insight on new products being released to the industry, and gain friends in key places that are vital to the success of your company.